Tiffany Palmer - Testimonials

My experiences with you so far have been great.

You're a type A personality that is always going 100 mph and that's the type of people I like to work with. I was really impressed to hear such great feedback on you from Jim McAnelly. He has told me on multiple occasions how great you've been as a Realtor.

Ben Sanders

Tiffany is genuine and very professional.

I enjoyed working with her and will recommend her for the services she provides. She is very patient and thorough. I was extremely impressed with her knowledge when walking through the potential houses on the way the house was constructed from electrical, plumbing, foundation, roofing, and cosmetics. Tiffany you are AWESOME!!!!


Always willing to help even when it looked like there was gonna be no sale.

When it did turn out to be a no sale, she never changed and was always working hard for me.

Dan Priddy

Rob and I have loved this experience with you.

We think you have been the best realtor we could possibly ask for. You have definitely been there through thick and thin with us. You have never been rude to us. I think we all know how our experience has memorable! You have never given up when other realtors wouldn't of tried so hard. Just all around great person. When we go to sell our house, I will definitely be calling you!!

Brittany & Rob Parks

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